About the Prints

The photographs found throughout this site make perfect gifts for friends, relatives or even a coworker leaving the island. If you're looking to add some colour to your office, corporate space or home then get in touch for a quote.

All prints are sold as true archival photographic prints (gloss) mounted and matted with conservation grade matboard.

Prints 11x14 and smaller are mounted on a neutral styrene board, matted with conservation grade mat-board. Prints 16x20 and larger are mounted in Gator board. Bermuda’s enviorment is extremely difficult to frame and mount for. The high humidity and temperatures mean that only the toughest materials and best techniques can withstand these conditions.


A good selection of ready made prints are available at TABS in Hamilton as well as their Dockyard store


Most prints are standard sizes and will fit off the shelf frames. However, it is always best to have pieces custom framed, this allows you much more creativity with frame selection and assures that the prints will be professionally handled and framed properly.

Sizing - Images are either in a 2:3 ratio (newer images) or 4:5 ratio. Selecting any image in the gallery and scroll down will display purchase options.


Shipping costs are based on where the product will ship from. Bermuda orders pay no shipping for anything except Metal prints as they have to be imported. Shipping costs for elsewhere are based on size, weight and actual shipping costs.


Framing options available are a simple, elegant, square profiled frame in silver or black. Custom framing as per below is available but at pricing set by others. get in touch for a quote.


Custom framed prints (24x30) installed in a kitchen


Delivery times vary based on the product orderd and shipping destination.

Bermuda delivery times: Print orders can typically be fulfilled in a day or two. Framing is typically 1-3 weeks. Canvas orders are usually ready within a week. Metal prints take 2-3 weeks

USA and others: Orders are delivered within 1-2 weeks. Confirmation will be provided once the product ships.

All sales are final and are assumed free of defect upon receipt. Returns can be made within 7 days if you if you feel the quality is unsatisfactory.